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Porn From Vegas!
As usual, I decide to work late tonight...I felt like really accomplishing something that I had not planned on...

So, voila! I edited BOUNCED CHECK BITCHES Vol. 3!!!
I made the front box cover (still have to do the back tomorrow), but it's all ready to roll. I should have it up on the website for sale by Monday! So many people keep asking me when it was coming out - and I just needed to get the right combination of scenes for it...and the jigsaw puzzle of those scenes came together tonight!

Here's the box cover:Collapse )

This is a good one! Really funny stuff, with some super hot girls!

I can't wait to get rolling with Vol. FOUR!


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You know, shooting scenes and doing photos is very common to me now, and I have gotten quite used to doing a shoot or two every week. Of course, they are scheduled in advance, and "usually" the girls are on time! LOL!

Well, today was a bit of an exception!
I get back to the office here, and there's a girl on the couch in my office waiting for me, dressed all cute I might add, and "She's got to talk to me", about one of my video series. I'm not going to announce her name, you'll have to wait for the video box cover to actually be made, but...I will say she's on a couple of our covers already!

Now, I have met this girl before, shot with her a few times, and I dig working with her. But she looked sort of "frantic", like as if she'd missed out on something. She proceeds to tell me that she "knows I am about to start shooting scenes for the Pantyhose Factory vol 10, and she's GOT to be in it!". Truth be known, I just put out vol's 7 & 8, and haven't really started worrying about number 10, because unless I'm off base, ther SHOULD be a number 9, right?

So, she'd not interested in coming back next week when I am going to do castings for #9 & 10, she's persistent, and we start shooting a test video of her modeling, in some bad ass purple fishnets and a sheer red shirt she's got on! Okay, so I am a sucker for perfect tits on a cute face! What can I say?

The next thing you know, she's insisting that I "promise" that she can be in the movie, and starts blowing me, right then and there...as if we were shooting the scene at that moment! You think I stopped her? Hell, no! I kept the camera rolling, of course!

So, as soon as I "promise" her that she can be IN the movie, she decides that's not good enough...she wants me to commit to giving her the cover! Before I even know what other girls will come across my desk...or me cum across them! And this girl was serious! She starts really stroking and sucking me, and sits right up, rips out the crotch area of her fishnets, and started rubbing my cock on her pussy...pretty much TELLING me that she's GOING to be on the cover, and that's "all she wants". I can't just arbitrarily commit to that...and then she cranked it up another notch, and proceeds to sit right down on my cock, and is fucking me - all the while saying, "I just want to be on the cover...please, please just give me this cover!". I knew the Pantyhose Factory videos were getting popular, but damn!

Well, let's just say that this 20 year old, all natural, brunette honey just earned herself the cover of The Pantyhose Factory vol 10. And trust me, you won't want to miss this one!

Then of course, I still have to work on number 9 first...


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So many new titles have been added over the past couple of months...you've got to visit our website to check them all out!

Most of them are already added on our Video On Demand site, too!

Plus, I have just made a directory of our titles with direct links from their box covers to Video On Demand pages of those specific movies!

If you want a free pass for Video On Demand time, write me to ask for one @ freepass AT spungygunk.com


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The new SPUNGY GUNK FILMS $5 free time cards are in, and I want to give them all away! If you want one - e-mail me!
freecard at spungygunk dot com - just ask for it!

All new design for our LJ too!
Hope you like!

http://www.spungygunkfilms.com {ON DEMAND}

http://www.spungygunk.com {ON DVD & VHS}

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Our cool new SPUNGY GUNK FILMS - VOD CARDS are in, and I should be picking them up this afternoon. They are similar to the cards we've been giving away, but are decked out with our logos and DVD box covers!
I can't wait to se 'em, myself!

I actually had some sleep last night! Got up at about 7 AM today, believe it or not! So, the TV is floating between ESPN & ESPN 2...it's crazy what I am watching while I am working...alternating between the French Open tennis, and the US National Spelling Bee finals. I have my reasons...LOL!

As far as the tennis goes, no Maria Sharapova jokes...she has been out for a couple of days. Atmittiedly, though, she sparks my interest in the thing when she is in!

Going to work on editing a new DVD tonight and tomorrow. One of the Blow Me... compilation videos for a girl I have shot with 3 times, and her compilation will actually come out prior to any of her appearances in the video series which the scenes wer shot for. They are such good scenes, though, that I am sure people just don't want to miss out! :-)


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Okay...g'nite you guys. Tomorrow's my favorite day of the year...3 MAJOR auto races, back-to-back-to-back!

Pacific time:
4:30 A.M. - 7:00 A.M. - Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe
9:00 A.M. - 1:30 P.M. - 89th Indy 500
2:00 P.M. - 6:30(sh) P.M. - NASCAR 600

What more could you ask for if you were me?

Well, waking up on time, perhaps - but my alarm clock, and probably my friend Samantha will help me take care of that!

If anyone's looking for me, or calls here tomorrow, don't be surprised if you get the voice mail. Fair Warning....LOL!

{Go Danica!}

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e-mail freedeal@spungygunk.com for your FREE 30 minute pass!

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So, am I the only one who gets the joke - or am I just reading too much into this:

Today Jay Leno testifies @ The Michael Jackson trial.
Tonight, on the Tonight show, LISA MARIE PRESLEY was the perfoming band (MJ's ex-wife!), and she sings a song called "IDIOT" - which the songs lyrics are basically:
"You're an idiot, I hate you and I hope you go to hell"...

No, I am NOT making this up!




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Tonight's the last two episodes of STAR TREK - Enterprise, which frankly is a drag, because I really like the show. But, all goo dthings must end, and this is just another one of them...but, the final two episodes are going to be back-to-back tonight.

Here on the west coast, that's in 3 hours - y'all in the east coast are about to get it now.

Then of course, tomorrow starts qualifying for the Indy 500...you know what I will be doing!

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