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Porn From Vegas!
More testing! ;-)
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It's shaping up to be a November To Remember!

Going into November is exciting enough as it is! Shooting with Lexi virtually every day, and the shoot at the Venetian was amazing...MGM here we come!

That being said, the plans for November are kicking in...shooting more with Lexi...a 2 day shoot with Domonique Flowers which I have been looking forward to! But, that's just the beginning...

One of my FAVORITE girls to work with Starri will be heading out here to Las Vegas, for three days of shooting for her website, as well as more of the bondage sets that she really loves shooting for me!

Then...what!?!?!! The same day that Starri leaves for home, I have to get back to the airport to pick up Hailey Young for a two day shoot here! DAMN IT!!! No bondage with Hailey...but we'll save that for next June...LOL! But heck, that means all that is left to shoot with her is...HMMMM, you get the idea!

Did I mention that Lexi will be shooting some fun stuff with both Starri as well as Hailey? Well, trust me...I can ASSURE YOU that those sets will be incredible! Believe me on that! I know you do!

Hehe...that's just the first 1/2 of November...what the hell could make it better?

The "road trip" to Arizona with Lexi Sexton won't be that bad, either! Who knows what we'll shoot...or where we might stop for some outdoor sets! Might have to hit Lake Havasu...a certain "Miss Nude Internet" that I have not seen in a while lives there...sounds like a plan, for old times sake!



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I know it's been a while, but I have been shooting a TON of new girls, and new projects!!
If you want to keep up with us on a more consistent basis, add us to your MySpace!

That's a sneek peek of the FRONT cover of one of our new DVD's set to be released in early December!
THE PANTYHOSE FACTORY 10 should be on all the Video On Demand sites soon! You can order it directly now! Visit our site!!!

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So, it's Vanessa Lynn's birthday today, and I dropped her a note - you should too!
Add her to your friends...her spot is on my top 12 so you can find her easily!

That's a sneek peek of the cover of one of our new DVD's set to be released in early December!
As you can see, she's a babe, and trust me, she's great to work with - so all you producers out there...go book her!

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I thought some of you might like these...





More to come soon!

If any of you want a $5 value free pass to our video on demand site, and are 18 Y/O or over...drop me a note with your e-mail address...

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After a "bit" of downtime for switching to a new shopping cart processor, I have just retooled the Spungy Gunk site with an all new processor for online ordering of our DVD's & VHS's. Thanks to you who have written and asked about when the new cart would be up! Go for it! ALL of our videos with some of your favorite babes are on sale, too!


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Now, some of our gunk from VEGAS CUM SHOTS Vol. 4 can be downloaded to your mobile phone! YEP! No kidding....
Just go to http://www.mofoporn.com , and do a studio search for Spungy Gunk Films! Plus all the other big studios have "mofo" porn there too! Check it out!

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We haven't been doing our "job" updating the journal as we should have...it's been hard, since the last post, for obvious reasons. Julie Robbins was a close friend...not "just a porn chick", so I sort of had to have some space from updating the Spungy Gunk site, and our journal.

That being said - a LOT has been going on - especially this past 4 days. I have the DAMN FLU! Can barely speak - although some people would tend to think that might be good. :-) Went to the doc's today, had some blood testing done - NOT my favorite thing. Seems I have strep throat, and a deep chest congestion that is a pain in the ass just won't leave! Sort of like a neighbor that lives below me...LOL!

On another note - several GOOD things are going on!
I've launched our affiliate program for webmasters of other adult sites to promote some of our girls websites... http://www.sexygirlscash.com

You'll see lots of familiar faces from LJ there... Hot favorites like Joselyn Pink, Holly, and our new website model Lara, from http://www.larasroom.com ! Be sure to add her as a LJ friend...I'm getting her used to some of the ways things work online for things such as Live Journal, so be nice to her if she doesn't post every 5 minutes, lol!

1:00 A.M. - you ask why am I up nw - it's time for more meds, of course...and I just felt compelled to start back in here...hopefully I'll kee it up to date better....IF I get over the damn flu!

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I wanted to post this, so that there was information regarding her tragic and untimely passing, and to hopefully prevent any rumors. This will be the last "main" post in this journal, however, it will remain online, so friends and fans can make posts. It WILL be monitored, however, as any inappropriate posts will be deleted, screened, etc.

R.I.P. Julie - you were very special to all of us.
Sad news to tell regarding adult film star Julie Robbins, who was tragically killed Thursday September 22, 2005, as her car ran off the road and smashed into a power pole earlier in the day. The accident trapped her in her burning 2005 Ford sport utility vehicle. Brandy Koonts, (A.K.A. Julie Robbins) who was airlifted to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center after the wreck, was pronounced dead at 10:55 p.m. Thursday.

Julie was the star of countless films, most recently seen in Blonde Factory (SIN CITY), as well as Bounced Check Bitches, Public Enemy #1, and the Victoria Givens world record video. For 2005 Julie was voted Miss Nude Porn Internet, as well as having been nominated as Feature Performer Newcomer Of The Year by Exotic Dancer Magazine this year, and was thrilled for the recognition. Recently she had been the feature dancer at Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, Florida, where she had performed several times over the past year. She had called me from there, telling me how much she loved the energy there, and that she couldn’t wait to come back to Las Vegas over the Thanksgiving holiday to do some more shooting for her website, and work on some video with me. More than that, she was truly a genuine down to earth person, who loved to express herself in the industry, and as a friend.

I have been the webmaster, and photographer for Julie’s Official site xxxjulierobbins.com for over three years now, and we have developed quite a great working relationship in and away from the industry. She will always remain one of my favorite people.


September 23. 2005 12:00AM

Woman dies after fiery vehicle accident

The Dispatch

A woman died Thursday night after her car ran off Junior Order Home Road and smashed into a power pole earlier in the day. The accident trapped her in her burning 2005 Ford sport utility vehicle.

Brandy Dayle Koonts, who was airlifted to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center after the wreck, was pronounced dead at 10:55 p.m. Thursday.

Koonts, 26, of Holloways Church Road, was traveling east on the road around 2:19 p.m. Thursday when the accident happened, but many of the details are not yet known.

"I was looking out the window and I heard a boom and the power lines shook," Joel Lopp said. He still has a burn spot in his yard where the car tipped on its side and burned. "I thought it was a tractor trailer caught on the power lines."

N.C. Highway Patrol troopers can only determine that the contributing circumstance to the accident was driving in a "careless, erratic manner," which is a general term used any time a driver loses control of the car. The speed limit in that section of the road is 55 mph.

Lopp called 911 and bystanders began to gather around the car in an attempt to help her.

"Quite a few people" helped tip the car back onto its wheels, Lopp said, but they could not help Koonts out of the car.

The Linwood Fire Department arrived on the scene first. While volunteers "broke the windows out, we were working on the fire," Capt. Kenneth Everhart said. Koonts was breathing as she was taken from the scene.

But Koonts had burns over 100 percent of her body, Everhart said: "She was burned from head to toe. The car was fully engulfed."

The South Lexington Fire Department also arrived on the scene and used the jaws of life device to free Koonts from the vehicle, Everhart said. Air Care arrived within seven minutes after being called.

This accident is probably the third on that street within a year, Lopp said. "It's a straight stretch so people think they can go 100 miles an hour down the road."

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As the webmaster for BritneyMadison.Com, http://www.britneymadison.com, I wanted to make the many friends, fans and co-workers of Britney Madison aware of a tragic accident that occurred in Las Vegas a few months ago.

Unfortunately, I was not made aware of this until tonight, Tuesday August 16th, but Stacey Pfeiffer (A.K.A. Britney Madison) was killed in a car accident along with another friend of hers.

Below is the online report from the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. I have edited the name of the other victim, but wanted to post the entire article, aside from that edit.

I felt it was important to let everyone know what had happened, as she had worked with so many people in the industry and has a tremendous fan base.

On a personal note, she was a beautiful person, always a joy to work with, and our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Brad Fitzgerald

News briefs for May 2, 2005
Two killed as car crashes

Two 21-year-old Las Vegas residents were killed Saturday morning, April 30, when their car plunged 30 feet off Sunset Road near the McCarran International Airport tunnel, Metro Police said.

The victims were identified as K* R. A* and Stacey Pfeiffer, both 21 of Las Vegas.

The 2003 Mitsubishi was traveling west on Sunset near Paradise Road about 6 a.m. when the driver apparently lost control of the car, police said. The vehicle drifted off the road to the right, up onto a curb, then drove through a barrier fence over a concrete retaining wall, police said.

The Mitsubishi traveled more than 90 feet through the air and crashed to the ground on its roof, police said.

The two were pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

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